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The relationship between a mother and child is among the most fervent. An everlasting bond begins the minute she holds them for the first time. From that time on marks the beginning of the most rewarding role in life: to be called MOM.

The loss of a child is frequently called the ultimate tragedy; nothing can be more devastating. To find understanding and meaning around how a child’s death could possibly fit into the scheme of life is difficult and often unattainable. After the loss of a child, a mother is left heartbroken with a wounded soul. She had been looking forward to all the seasons of her child's future but must now, somehow, commit to living forward with a new normal. Surviving this type of loss takes a life of courage and strength.

Seabatical of Hope is a weekend for mothers who have lost a child, regardless of the child’s age. It is open to mothers from all walks of life. No matter where they are in their journeys, all are welcome for this memorable weekend. Our weekend will be spent sharing stories and activities, eating great meals together, listening to encouraging messages, and honoring our children in many intimate ways.